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Itunes waiting for changes to apply

itunes waiting for changes to apply

Some time ago, a rather unpleasant and strange problem appeared — when synchronizing the iPhone, iPad of the first or second generation, no difference, the backup was frozen tightly. No persuasion or reboot helped. Since there is quite a lot of equipment — both computers and phones with tablets, there was a field for experiments and the situation was repeated over and over again, which gave a clear answer — this is not a specific machine and the error is of a systemic nature.

It is worth mentioning that the problem occurred only on the beloved Windows. Syncing on the Mac went off extremely well, subtly hinting that it was time to retire Windows.

Initially, there was no time to deal with the problem and its solution was postponed to a distant box. iTunes was simply prohibited from making backups.

Today I still had to find a solution, as google says to help. Actually, it was necessary to temporarily replace one iPhone 4 with another, but so that all contacts and programs remain the same, and then return everything back.

This is where it was necessary to create backup copies of both devices. In general, I will not wait any longer.

Solving iTunes backup problem

1. Exit iTunes if you have it downloaded. You can just reboot.

2. Run the command line as Administrator (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Right-click on «Command Prompt» -> «Run as Administrator»)

3. At the command line, enter:

netsh winsock reset

And press Enter. This command will set the default parameters for the TCP / IP and Winsock protocols.

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4. Restart the computer.

After these tricky manipulations, iTunes quite briskly made backups of both iPhone 4. After that, one of them temporarily became a clone of the other.

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Comments: 26

  1. 2012-01-18 at 00:04:48 | Olga

Well, why doesn’t anyone say that this action is exclusively ONE-TIME? after next reboot everything freezes again!

Something strange is going on with you. In general, it was enough to execute the command once. Since this article was written, synchronization has not gotten out of place. What is Windows?

Thanks! It seems to have helped!

About a miracle, after 2 months of ordeals, the synchronization was successful, thank you very much!

Can you tell me what the problem is and what the magic set of words is

This is not a «magic play on words» at all, just forcing Windows to reset the Winsock interface to its original values ​​(or whatever they have done there).

As far as I know, Winsock simplifies the development of network applications on Windows — it is the interface between the application and the transport protocol that performs data transfer.

But Microsoft doesn’t have anything that works without crutches. In one of the posts, I mentioned a utility from Microsoft itself, which is designed to fix the problems of this very protocol.

Thank you very much!! It helped!

it all worked thanks a lot.

How do I find the command line in Vista? In Search, after All programs, Vista does not show «Standard», but simply lists all programs. What step should be next ??

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Many thanks. now, indeed, everything flies)))

Thanks a lot. 2 days of torment are over !! everything works fine !!

Thanks a lot. They helped a lot!

How to quit iTunes on iPad4. on the worker is written like this. Disabled iPad connect to iTunes how do I sign out and turn the iPad back on

Good! I get a crash like (XP). Those. when the phone is connected, the computer is overloaded. Maybe someone will tell you the solutions

At the time of writing this line, should the iphone be connected to the computer?

It doesn’t matter at all, restart the computer anyway

ipod 5g 64gb
Firmware: 7

At the last stage of synchronization of the player, the process hangs at point 6 «waiting for changes to be applied.» Leave overnight, but does not complete sync.
Before that, I did not commit any shenanigans with the player and tunes.
Ay tunes is version 11.1.

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